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Jcs Acquistive Infotech In the promotional world; logo is always remained on the top while bringing the best to its respective companies. Perfect logo can be called by its popularity and easy remembrance. As with due time; it becomes more challenging and hard to design distinct and worthy logo for the particular business or company and due to these immense challenging tasks that introduce the several illicit activities to the corporate world. Under the reformed and amendment act; you can safe your logo or any other industrial design by getting registration under trademark as a part of IPR and where the owner can excessive the complete rights and powers being granted under the act.

Why one use logo

  • Logo helps one in identifying the favorable goods and services and its respective origin.
  • Logo will make sure to clients about the same quality and reliability.
  • It is one of the economical ways of promoting business.
  • Logo will create a prestigious image for the goods and services globally.

Logo Registration Services

Logo can be used at banner, promotional letters, visiting cards, I-cards and on other marketing products in order to become familiar among the target audience. Be sure that your logo do not matched with any of the other already registered business mark in order to have successful logo registration in India. Logo which is used customary and vogue in behavior may be not being registered under the act. But those with customary or vogue attributes but are consistently use and become popular and famous in the world can be registered under the respective act.

For more information on Logo Registration in India and other Trademark Services Please drop your query at:

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What is the Logo Registration?

Logo is the Intellectual Property (IP) of an association and one should enlist with a specific end goal to make the brand mindfulness among potential buyers. Logo might be a word or an expression or any image which is planned in such an approach to speak to the entire association. Logo registration conveys gigantic significance with regards to lawfully keeping up business services. There are sure logo registration techniques characterized by the trademark registration act so as to enlist all up and coming business endeavors. A business gets its name and acclaim through its extraordinary logo and trademark and accordingly, it’s inescapable for each business visionary to look through a remarkable logo and afterward apply for registration with a reason to secure the notoriety of business association.

Logo Registration: All You Need To Know

Logo registration has many benefits once your brand gains traction. The little effort it takes will give you the ability to establish your right to the logo (or even word, sound, graphic or color combination) in court, prevents similar names from being registered by other businesses operating in the space as your business and is an asset any investor would be interested in knowing you have, as part of an intellectual property audit. And you can start using it in just 3 days! The following report will walk you through the logo registration procedure and covers the possible problems at each step.

1. Logo Availability Search

The first piece is the search for whether your unique name or logo has been taken already. You have probably conducted a preliminary investigation while checking to see if there are any other domains using the same name as you. But it needs to be done officially, with the Trademarks Office. This can be done both online and offline. It is recommended that you consult an experienced lawyer (you would need to provide him/her with an authorisation letter). They are well-versed in the technique and are be able to conduct an exhaustive search. Also, if another such name or logo has already been trademarked, but you believe that you have right to it, you would need the help of a lawyer.

For more information on Logo Registration in India and other Trademark Services Please drop your query at:

ceojcsinfotech@gmail.com or make words with us at +91-9760885708

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